Brandon Cantrell

About Me

"A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one." - Unknown

Versatility is my calling card. I’m the kind of person who can sit down next to anyone and carry on a conversation regarding a random topic – not just because I like talking, but because I love learning. My multidisciplinary approach to life (and work) tend to afford me the ability to always keep the big picture in mind. I want to understand all of the things. Anyone who has listened to my podcasts can attest to this. If there’s something I don’t understand, damn it I want to – and I’m probably going to find out!

Speaking of my podcasting, while it may seem like just an excuse to have a few beers and “wax philosophical about the things”, I have also pursued it for the purpose of my own professional development. I’m a digital marketer. So, why not learn some web design? Check. Graphic design? Check. Why not audio production? Check. Everything on this website, the Thunken Philosofers site (except the Thunken Logo), and social media was designed by me. Even my hobbies are goal-oriented! That’s the kind of passion you can expect me to bring to a project. If I’m in, I’m in.

On that note, integrity is critically important to me. Things go better when people are up front with each other. Without honest feedback, we’re all just flying blind. So, I’ll be the first person to tell you when I’m not an expert on something, but that doesn’t mean I’m not 100% dedicated to getting the job done! My approach puts quality over quantity. My writing is concise and consistent. I’m the kind of person who breaks everything into to-do lists and I’m always looking for a new app or tool to automate my daily life and streamline work. Let’s do things the right way, the first time.

The bulk of my experience has been spent fostering organic reach and doing reputation management. I have some basic web design experience which I’m very interested in expanding. I have content and influencer marketing experience. I have done copywriting for a wide variety of industries including automotive, insurance, medical, education, and e-commerce. I’m also great with spreadsheets and organization. No company is too big or too small, but I have an affinity for small businesses and non-profits.

Thanks for reading; I look forward to hearing from you!